Welcome to Strength of Love! We are Brian and Jen Parker. Married for 22 years, our lives are now centered around ALS. Brian has had Lou Gehrig's disease since 2011. Together, we battle a cruel and merciless disease, adapting to the circumstances we find ourselves in because of it. A former audio engineer, Brian continues to find ways to be express himself. Utilizing modern technology, Brian is able to create vivid works of art using only his eyeballs. Crazy, right!? Trapped in his body, he still manages to smile every day, finding joy and being present in a body that has completely failed him. All but his mind has been ravaged by the disease. We keep fighting, we keep living and we keep loving. That's what keeps us strong. Thanks for stopping by! We share tips on dealing with ALS, along with home and garden posts, and now, beekeeping!

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