Brian’s Eye Gaze Art

One day I got an email from Brian with an attachment. It was a bright-colored picture with circles. I asked him what it was and he told me he’d created the picture. It looked so sharp and clean and colorful.

Over the new few weeks, he sent more pieces. I was excited and impressed and wanted to see more. Over time he’s gotten better and has moved from the abstract to more of a specific scene.

In order to create these amazing designs, artist Brian Parker tediously uses nothing but his eyes to control his computer. An eye gaze system connected to a laptop enables him to control the software to create his art.

Completely paralyzed with ALS, Brian is an inspiration in so many ways.


Click here to see a news piece created by 11Alive News in Atlanta. You can see Brian in action and get a sense of his spirit. For now, enjoy some of his favorite works below.

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