Brian and Jen Parker

We’re a dynamic duo from the Atlanta area. Together over 20 years we’ve had our share of adventures. Many we’ve captured on film, and many with a fun story to tell. Currently our lives revolve around Brian having ALS. The disease forces itself to the foreground of our existence yet it does not dominate us. Though now completely paralyzed Brian rarely complains and is often seen smiling. He creates art with just his eyes. It’s quite amazing and absolutely inspiring! The mountain picture below is an early favorite. Check out his gallery for more.

This site is home to all the things we love. Love is an amazing thing. It makes us stronger than we ever thought we could be. We’re learning how to do many things. Our lives have changed recently and we’re trying life a different way. We’re both learning about e-commerce and and blogging and websites and all kinds of things.

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Mountain Morning